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Written by Haim Michael   
Tuesday, 15 February 2011 02:31
jQueryMobile is a JavaScript framework that allows us to develop a cross platform and a touch based user interface optimized for mobile devices such as mobile telephones and tablets.

MongoDBThe first major technology in use for developing games and applications for mobile telephones was the Java ME platform. At first (in 2001) it seemed as a promissing technology. The market still wasn't flooded with an endless number of mobile telephones models and all signs indicated that most market will be dominated by Java ME. The years have passed and the defragmentation problem emerged. It was no longer the caseĀ of writing once and running everywhere. In addition, given the operators domination at that time, developers had no alternative but to make an effort and optimize their games and applications for each and every Java ME mobile telephone model. At some point, the huge number of models has become a problem. Developers were no longer capable of developing different versions for their apps for each and every phone model. In 2007 the iPhone emerged and the applications market for mobile telephones was finally created. The vision led by Sun during all years was finally accompished by apple. Following the iPhone success other mobile platforms have emerged. Android is the most popular of them. The defragmentation problem has become even more difficult to tackle. The jQuery Mobile framework sets a proper alternative for native applications developed either in Java ME, C#, objective C or any other programming language. Whether we choose to develop web applications optimized for mobile platforms or hybrid ones the jQuery Mobile is currently the most appropriate frameowkr to use.

Taking this course you will become familiar with the jQuery Mobile framework and be capable of using it in an efficient way. Click here for getting the detailed syllabus of this course. You can find the community version of this course available for free personal and academic usage at http://www.abelski.com/.
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