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Written by Haim Michael   
Wednesday, 13 October 2010 10:07
The facebook platform models all data the facebook platform holds as objects connected with each other. This graph of objects is accessible through the new recently released Graph API.    

Facebook Plugins!The Facebook Graph API allows us to interact with this graph of objects using simple HTTP requests. We can perform this interaction using various programming languages, including JavaScript. This course teaches how to get data and how to add new data transformed into objects into the Facebook Graph API. Knowing how to use the Facebook Graph API the need in using the Facebook Query Language decreases. Using the Facebook Graph API is facebook new way for interacting with their platform and it significantly eases the developer work. Using the Facebook Graph API we can develop new innovative web applications including facebook standard applications, web browsers plugins and unique solutions for mobile telephones. 

The course was developed for people who are already familiar with JavaScript and web development. In case that you lack this experience we recomend you to check our detailed JavaScript course as well.
Other courses that you might find interesting include the Facebook Social Plugins and the Facebook JavaScript SDK.  
You can find the community version of this course available for free personal and academic usage at www.abelski.com
Click here for the complete detailed syllabus of this course.
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