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Written by Haim Michael   
Wednesday, 13 October 2010 09:19
The facebook JavaScript SDK enables us to develop web applications that include JavaScript code running in the browser that communicates with the facebook platform.  

Facebook Plugins!The JavaScript SDK enables us to access the facebook server side, authenticate facebook users, access the facebook Graph API and it provides us with a rich set of client side functionality both for authentication, authorization and for sharing. In addition, the JavaScript SDK enabels us to use the XFBML tags in order to embed the facebook social plugins in our web site. In most cases, when using the JavaScript SDK there is a need in the application ID, that we can get by registering our application on the facebook platform. Taking this course you will learn how to use the facebook JavaScript SDK in your web applications as well as in your facebook ones. You will learn how to load the SDK asynchronously in order to ensure that the loading doesn't block the loading of other elements in your page, how to authenticate the users of your application and how to interact with the facebook platform. Using the facebook JavaScript SDK you will be able to allow a direct communication between the web browsers and the facebook server and ease the burden on your application server side.                                                           
Using the JavaScript SDK you can develop innovative web applications including facebook standard applications, web browsers plugins and unique applications for mobile telephones.
The course was developed for people who are already familiar with JavaScript and web development. In case that you lack this experience we recomend you to check our detailed JavaScript course as well.
Other courses that you might find interesting include the Facebook Social Plugins and the Facebook Graph API.  
You can find the community version of this course available for free personal and academic usage at www.abelski.com
Click here for the complete detailed syllabus of this course.
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