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Thursday, 04 February 2010 10:59
Scala is a concise, elegant and a type safe programming language that implement functional programming ideas together with object oriented ones.

Learn Scala!The Scala programming language was invented by Martin Odersky, Professor at EPFL, who formed his vision of applying the best academic knowledge in software development into the creation of a new programming language. The scala programming language allows developers to extend their software whether it was developed in Java or in C#. Using Scala we can find all the goods we know in Java and in C#. Scala aims at becoming the next software programming language in the software development evolution and aims at taking the place of Java and C#. The Lift web framework, developed based on the Scala programming language enables us to extend the Scala strength into the web applications development world. Among the many companies that have already started to use Scala we can find the Twitter social network, that chose to switch its Ruby based engine into a new engine developed in Scala.

Taking this course you will learn how to take advantage of the Scala programming language while leveraging your knowledge either in Java or in C# by using functional programming ideas and extending software systems that were already developed either in Java or in C#.

You can find a community version of this course available for free personal and academic usage at www.abelski.com.

The following video clips show how to install Scala on your desktop and how to develop a simple program and execute it. These clips as well as many others are available for free personal and academic usage as part of the Scala course at www.abelski.com.


Click here for the complete syllabus of this course.
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